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>Online Master of Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program will equip students for success in all aspects of the business world. In this program, students will learn to enhance their business skills, as well as study ethical strategies to build profits, productivity and long-term success in all facets of business. Evening and online options were created to meet the demands of the working professional.


Students can choose to pursue a General MBA (no concentration) or choose one of the following five concentration areas:

MBA – Accountancy Concentration

This concentration provides a comprehensive curriculum covering financial reporting and analysis, taxation, and accounting research. This is intended for students with an accounting background, and will assist in preparation for the CPA exam by covering necessary topics, such as financial accounting and reporting, taxation, and research concepts. With a focus on success in today’s competitive business world, this concentration is the ideal choice for anyone seeking to advance their accounting career.

MBA – Project Management Concentration

This concentration equips students to successfully manage projects in their profession. Students that complete this concentration will:

  • Learn project management concepts including the key elements of the project management framework.
  • Learn to create and manage project plans using Microsoft Project.
  • Prepare to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam offered by the Project Management Institute.

MBA – Strategic Leadership Concentration

This concentration provides students with deeper insight into key leadership decision-making tools. Many industries today are experiencing rapid change. Leaders must be equipped to respond to these environmental forces. Critical decisions promoting streamlined operations and innovation are required.

MBA – Sport Management Concentration

This concentration offers students the ability to build upon leadership, management, and communication skills while developing the business operations excellence needed for work in professional and collegiate sports organizations.

MBA – Sport Marketing Concentration

This concentration is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the latest sport marketing best practices. Students will learn to leverage digital and social media through strategic planning, thereby providing the skills needed to address associated challenges in the sport industry.

MBA – Healthcare Management Concentration (Launching in Fall 2024)

Curriculum designed to prepare you for advanced roles in managing and leading a team, department, or an entire organization in healthcare facilities. Students will gain real world knowledge from experienced professionals, who teach from a biblical worldview, to apply in the healthcare industry. The College of Business and Entrepreneurship faculty are committed to encouraging you to apply your identity in Christ to workplace service.

MBA – Human Resource Management Concentration (Launching in Fall 2024)

A set of specialized courses designed to enhance skills and knowledge for those pursuing a career in Human Resource department roles.  Curriculum in employment law and training and developing talent will provide deeper learning in these important aspects of human resource management.  The courses are taught from a biblical worldview to facilitate applying your identity in Christ in human resource careers.

MBA – Marketing Concentration (Launching in Fall 2024)

This concentration is designed to provide deeper knowledge of data-informed marketing decisions, whether for understanding the determinates of consumer demand or social media analytics. Emphasis is directed towards strategic planning, tactical execution, and measurement of social media marketing using SMM dashboards and data analytics.  Further focus is placed on modern advertising and marketing leadership in innovation and creativity, including in the introduction of new market offerings and the use of new technologies, strategies, and tactics for achieving marketing objectives.  The curriculum is taught from a Christian worldview by experienced faculty.


  • Company CEO
  • Entrepreneur
  • Team lead
  • Marketing manager
  • Financial advisor
  • Sales expert


  • Complete one of the most versatile professional graduate degrees with an emphasis on ethical decision-making.
  • Courses taught from a Christian perspective by leaders in the local business industry.
  • Enhancement of your current business or assist in the planning of your startup.

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