Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

>Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Earning your Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree will further your knowledge of, and relationship with, God. Pastors, career missionaries and laypeople alike will enjoy a graduate degree that prepares them to practically and theologically further the Kingdom of God. At Missouri Baptist University, you will learn to pair theological ideas and scholarly work with practical methods for helping people in their everyday lives. Our degree program places an emphasis on the local church and building meaningful relationships with people to produce impactful discipleship.

MBU believes the purpose of teaching a common Christian theology is to help students make a positive impact on people, explore truth through scripture, and guide students toward a life of purpose. As a Christian university, our goal is to prepare graduates with a good understanding of the world beyond the ministry, with a robust education that has practical implications for the career success of our graduates.

Program Details

The Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry program consists of 39 credit hours, including a 24-hour required core, a 12-hour emphasis and a 3-hour capstone.

What You’ll Learn

The required core competencies includes the following courses:

  • History of Christian Thought I & II
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Knowing God

Career Opportunities

  • Pastor
  • Missionary
  • Bible teacher
  • Ministry worker
  • Church planter


  • Church Planting
  • Church Revitalization
  • Family Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministries

Note: each concentration is available as a certificate.


  • In 24 months, earn a theological degree that is both practical and foundational.
  • The MACM Program may serve as a “bridge” for future seminary study.
  • The degree program is built for lay leaders and ministers alike.

For more details on this online graduate degree at Missouri Baptist University, please contact Office of Online & Graduate Enrollment Services at 314-392-2327 or