Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

>Online Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

MBU Online Organizational Leadership Degree infoThe online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership program equips graduates with skills that directly apply to management and leadership roles spanning across all facets of the job market.

Potential Careers

Management Positions in:

  • Administrative services
  • Sales
  • Human resources
  • Marketing

Program Details

This program consists of a 42 semester hour major containing 12 courses. A total of 120 semester hours are required to graduate.

Course Descriptions


This course will involve the analysis of ethical issues impacting contemporary business leaders today. Topics covered include key terminology, the external environment surrounding the firm, the corporation and its stakeholders, business/government relationships, public policy issues, and the people who are affected. The framework in which business and social policies are established will also be a focus of this course. Case study analysis and experiential exercises will be utilized to examine and dissect ethical dilemmas.

Credit hours:Three Hours

Term offered: Fall, Summer


This course is designed to establish a foundation of the key issues and decision-making tools needed to develop managers. The topics covered include the areas of firm planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Exercises will require students to develop solutions to management problems, identifying necessary change, discovering new opportunities, and following through on the implementation of the solutions. Three Hours, Fall MGMT 323 SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT This course emphasizes the unique managerial requirements of a small firm. Students will learn numerous decision-making tools for starting and operating a small business. Development of a small business plan and case studies may be used to provide practical application.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Fall, Even Years


This course introduces the student to the concepts and methods employed in production and operations management. Specific topics include forecasting, product and service design, capacity planning, facility location selection and layout, work system design, quality control, inventory and project management. Exercises and case studies may be used to reinforce the application of the tools and techniques learned.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Fall


This course is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges and succeed in a rapidly changing work environment. International competition, quality demands of consumers, changing workforce demographics particularly in the makeup of workforce participants, innovations in automation and information technology combined with declining markets make knowledge in this area vital. Students will cover these topics with the understanding of methods of organizational change and understanding the value and effects of diversity in a changing environment. Prerequisite: MGMT 303 Management Concepts and Practices.

Credit hours: Three hours

Term offered: Spring, Odd Years


This course introduces the students to the concepts and practices used in successful project management. Specific topics include how to organize and manage effective project teams, planning, scheduling, cost management, project constraints, the project charter, and how to align projects to an organization’s strategic plan.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Fall Odd


Central to a firm’s performance, and often a key source of competitive advantage, is the ability to develop an effective human resource system. This course will lay the foundation for understanding human resource systems by addressing topics such as job analysis, personnel planning and recruitment, testing and selection and placement, training, compensation, labor relations, and the legal aspects/government regulation within human resources.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Spring, Even Years


This course explores the dynamics of individual, group, and firm behavior used to develop broader managerial skills. Theoretical models and concepts will be evaluated in the areas of values, attitudes, personality traits, decision-making, motivation, communication, and the development of effective relationships in a diverse work environment. Students will examine the need for individuals to identify, comprehend, and maximize various aspects of proactive leadership devices such as organizational development, influence techniques, and total quality management as a means of effective leadership. Experiential exercises and case studies may be utilized to develop a broader understanding of behavior and leadership in the workplace. Students seeking graduate credit must complete all graduate course requirements. Prerequisite for undergraduate(s): MGMT 303. This course may not be taken as a Directed Study.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Spring


This course explores topics related to understanding, predicting, and managing human behavior within organizations, examining the relationship between employees and managers, and employees and teams. It explores the factors which influence productivity and success within organizations, including motivation, diversity, work stress, conflict and negotiation, decision making, personality, and attitudes. Methodologies such job analysis and competency modeling, recruitment, selection and validation, performance management, and training and development will be covered.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Spring Odd

MGMT 423 Organizational Leadership Capstone

This course is the culminating learning experience for the organizational leadership program. Students will investigate and analyze current trends and research in leadership to refine their understanding of leadership for today’s organizations. Students will develop a project to synthesize their learning and demonstrate their level of knowledge as it relates to leadership in organizations. Project topics will be chosen by the student with approval from the course faculty.

Credit hours: Three Hours

Term offered: Spring Odd

General Education Core Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 36 semester hours in general education courses prior to graduation. Students must take one course from each of the following disciplines.

  • Communication Skills
  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (Cultural Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology)
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