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Christian Ministry: Where Work and Faith Merge

As Christians our most essential ministry is our devotion to God; however, often times we find it hard to put God first when our responsibilities of the day-to-day interject. Long hours at work, family care and personal well being can put constraints on our time and make it difficult to tend to our most important work. If you feel called to a career in Christian Ministry, now is the time to pursue your dream. Living Out Your Faith Use your time and talents wisely.  Choose [...]

Women Jumping Back in to Get Their College Degree

It’s not too late to get your degree and begin the career of your dreams — and these women going back to college online prove it. Nicole Price always planned to finish college, but a car accident sidelined her dream. As a stay at home mom to three, she is now ready to make a change and finish her bachelor’s — and eventually reach her goal of a master’s and doctorate in psychology. Leslie Thompson has always worked in entry-level positions and regretted not finishing college. [...]

5 TED Talks for the Busy MBU Online Student

At the end of the semester — or perhaps more days than not — the hustle and bustle of work, school and family can feel as if it is a burden too large to bear. But it's not. You can make it through, but sometimes a reminder is needed. Below is a compilation of five TED talks for students, curated to motivate, empower and help you remember why you chose to pursue your MBU Online degree. 1. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance What is an integral [...]

Is Higher Education Paying Enough Attention to Cybersecurity?

There is a collective sense of shock and fear whenever we hear about a large-scale cyber attack such as the one that took place on October 21. If you were on the East Coast at that time, you likely lost access to most of the internet due a distributed denial of service attack (called a DDoS). Of course, this loss of consumer internet access gained a lot of attention, with everyone noticing and discussing it in depth. But are we paying enough attention to higher [...]

Why We Need to Talk Honestly About Student Debt

The current pace of student loan debt is unsustainable and the financial aid system is a mess that confounds students and higher education institutions alike. The real nightmare begins after graduation: in 2014, an average college graduate carried more than $30,000 in loan debt. More than two million people defaulted on their student loans. Student Loan Debt Statistics Current estimates from put the total U.S. student loan debt at $1.26 TRILLION, up from $447 million a decade ago, with $50.8 billion of those loans [...]

How an Online Degree Can Open Doors in Your Healthcare Career

A quick look at "help wanted" ads in practically every city in the U.S. reveals the huge demand for medical and health service staff. By 2020, the healthcare industry is expected to increase by 22 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the same time, the U.S. healthcare worker shortage is expected to deepen as older healthcare employees retire. This trend opens up unprecedented opportunities for those already working in healthcare to move into leadership positions, but only if they are prepared [...]

4 Reasons Why a Christian Worldview Makes a Positive Difference in Online Education

People choose online learning for predictable reasons. Convenience. Flexible schedules. Accelerated degree programs. Career-enhancing curriculum. And while a university’s religious views may be an important factor when considering a traditional, on-campus learning experience, online learners may not think those views matter (or that they matter too much!). But if you’re thinking about an online education, I strongly encourage you to look closely at faith-based institutions—and for reasons that might surprise you! Let’s be candid: every college and university—secular or religious—has a unique worldview that influences [...]

Online Learning As Unique As You Are

Whether you’re moving up the ladder or moving to a new career, you probably don’t have time to sit in a traditional classroom to earn a college degree, especially at the graduate level. Chances are you’re balancing family, work, and other responsibilities that make traditional education formats impractical. So if you’re one of the millions of non-traditional students who want a high-quality, career-focused college education that fits your unique needs, online learning is the answer. But choosing the right online college or university can make [...]