B.S. in Marketing Course Description

>B.S. in Marketing Course Description

MRKT 313 – Introduction to Marketing
This course is the introduction to the concept of marketing and its application to domestic and foreign markets, and to consumer, producer, institutional, and service markets. Analysis of the marketing mix, including product, price, promotion/advertising, and distribution policies. Overview of career opportunities in the field of marketing.

MRKT 363 – Market Management
Managerial aspects of the marketing function, including product, promotion, pricing, channel strategies and market research; relationship to other business functions, to the legal environment and available information systems; physical distribution; the relationship among manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers; case analyses of complex marketing problems.

MRKT 373 – Market Research
A quantitative course which focuses on the identification of the target markets, consumer needs and the analysis of the market place. The course will cover problem-solving techniques, research designs, forecasting, and analysis of data

COMR 373 – Principles of Public Relations
The course is devoted to the study of the principles, the skills, and the techniques of public relations. Students will observe and evaluate real models of public relations in action. Then they will be challenged to devise models of their own in the fields that interest them most.

SMGT 373 – Sport Marketing
This course focuses on the application of marketing principles in a sport-related setting.  Specifically, the course will address content areas such as corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, broadcast agreements, promotional events, and direct marketing in the sport entertainment, sport participation, and sport goods sectors of the industry.

MRKT 383 – Consumer Behavior
This course looks at the dynamics of blending psychology and the consumer in a marketing format. The course will look at buyer behavior based on demographics, economics and psychographics.

MRKT 403 – International Marketing
A study of the concepts and terminology of international marketing. Includes issues such as foreign market entry strategies; standardization versus adaptation; pricing; global market entry integration; and marketing implementation problems.

BUSN 403 – Business in a Global Environment
Examines business practices across the globe in consideration of current cultural, political, legal, socio-economic, environmental, macro-economic and technological factors. Internal capabilities of the firm and competition in the international marketplace are also considered.

BUSN 463 – Strategic Management
A capstone course designed to give students exposure to the overall strategy and policy formulation in a business enterprise. Extensive use of the case study method is emphasized.