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Christian Ministry: Where Work and Faith Merge

As Christians our most essential ministry is our devotion to God; however, often times we find it hard to put God first when our responsibilities of the day-to-day interject. Long hours at work, family care [...]

Women Jumping Back in to Get Their College Degree

It’s not too late to get your degree and begin the career of your dreams — and these women going back to college online prove it. Nicole Price always planned to finish college, but a car [...]

7 Ways to Save Your Sanity While You Finish Your Degree Online

Between your job, your family, volunteer commitments and other obligations, it can seem nearly impossible to find time to manage your online classes. Your schedule is packed tight as it is. Adding extra time for online [...]

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5 TED Talks for the Busy MBU Online Student

At the end of the semester — or perhaps more days than not — the hustle and bustle of work, school and family can feel as if it is a burden too large to bear. But it's [...]

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Is Higher Education Paying Enough Attention to Cybersecurity?

There is a collective sense of shock and fear whenever we hear about a large-scale cyber attack such as the one that took place on October 21. If you were on the East Coast at [...]

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Why We Need to Talk Honestly About Student Debt

The current pace of student loan debt is unsustainable and the financial aid system is a mess that confounds students and higher education institutions alike. The real nightmare begins after graduation: in 2014, an average [...]

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