Online Master of Educational Technology

>Online Master of Educational Technology

The Master of Educational Technology (MET) is designed for educators interested in learning the integration of new technologies and learning. The program focuses on the design of digitally-enhanced, pedagogically-sound learning experiences for use in varied environments, such as traditional, blended, online, and remote instruction. All courses are aligned to the latest ISTE Standards for Educators. Learner choice is an integral component of all core courses. This provides students, with varied backgrounds and interests, a personalized experience that results in the creation of learning products that meet their unique professional needs. Extensive feedback is provided through an iterative approach for the completion of coursework.


  • Education Technology Certificate
  • Teaching Online Certificate


  • Technology instructor
  • IT Director at a school
  • Teacher


  • Exposure to a vast array of instructional technology tools as well as strategies for using the tools to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Extensive instructor and peer feedback are provided throughout the program.
  • All major course projects are designed so that learners can customize the content to meet the professional needs of their current teaching assignment.
  • Learn from faculty who teach from a Christian perspective.

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