Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

>Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

In this day and age, information technology plays a pivotal role in the business world. Most organizations rely on the usage of information technologies to perform essential business functions. No matter the size of a business, big or small, technology has both palpable and impalpable advantages that would benefit any organization

MBU’s bachelor of science in information technology is designed to equip you with the technical knowledge and skills to enter the competitive field of IT and to develop a life-long career in this field. This degree could be a stepping stone toward graduate school and complete an advanced degree in a related field.

Choose Your Concentration

Degree concentrations allow you to personalize your education to fit your desired career path better.


Our Cybersecurity concentration focuses on methods to protect a company’s information systems and data. You will be involved in systems administration, data recovery, database applications, and apply security strategies. 

Some of the Cybersecurity concentration courses are: 

  • Application Security
  • Organization Security
  • Risk Management: Threats and Counter Measures
  • Audit and Control

Application Development

Students must transfer courses in for this concentration.

Is a Degree in Information Technology worth it?

As a thriving industry, there are many opportunities for motivated individuals to advance in the field of information technology. Employment in computer and information technology occupations is expected to grow 13 percent by the year 2026. This projection would add more than 550,000 jobs, MBU Online courses will equip you to pursue a career in the growing industry of IT.

High-paying IT jobs:
Computer Programmer $65,209*
Computer System Analyst $71,805*
Information Security Analyst $73,407*
Software Developer $73,213*
Computer Network Architect $84,650*
*National average salary according to

Why MBU?

The mission of the Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, with a built-in Business Administration minor, is to equip students to enter the competitive field of IT and to develop a life-long career in this field. Students should also be equipped to enter graduate school and complete an advanced degree in a related field.

Following the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University and the academic program, the Information Technology discipline provides a multi-focus curriculum that can lead to life-long careers in Information Technology.

Students receive a core focus on technical knowledge and specialization in a specific functional area. Selected courses are designed so students may obtain entry-level Information Technology certifications in addition to their degree. Also, the curriculum provides a Business Administration minor, so students are equipped to provide organizations with technology solutions that are related to their mission. Ultimately, the goal is for students to be ethically and technically well rounded, a technology specialist, and a liaison between business and technology.

100% Online – Flexible online classes that work with your busy lifestyle.

Transfer-friendly – MBU Online students may be eligible to receive up to 96 credit hours in transfer credit for proficiency validated by the university.

The prestige of a Missouri Baptist University Degree– Your MBU degree comes with the legacy of academic excellence.